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Saturday July 21, 2018 - 05:50:42
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Welcome to Kona Whale Watch


This site contains general information about Hawaii's cetaceans and more specific information on humpback whales off the Kona Coast of Hawaii.

You will have to pardon the lack of guestbook as it was overwhelmed daily by dozens and dozens of ads (some offensive) deposited there by automated "bots" that cruise the web looking for guestbooks to mess with. Because of this, the guestbook page has been disabled.

The official 2012-13 season will start soon and we've already had sightings this year. The whales off the Kona coast have been increasing in number over the years and although Maui is considered to be the best island for viewing whales, the Kona coast is home to numerous humpbacks and multiple resident cetacean species and has the largest leeward area of all the islands. You can see spinner and bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, false killer whales and animals like mantas and whale sharks in these waters off the Kona side.

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    Facts & Quotes
    The largest and most complex brain in the world belongs to the the world's biggest odontocete; the Sperm whale.
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